Aaron Rodgers Goes Full A A RON On Twitter It Was Great

(AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

Looks like Aaron Rodgers did the discount double check belt on people asking about his decision to reduce his golfing. He’s also a single man due to his break up with actress Olivia Munn so his name is all over the place great time to self promote.  Hey he didn’t do it the normal way he used social media and did a spoof with fake twitter account from famous golf movie comedy ‘Happy Gilmore’.  It was classic just read it your self.


Btw I have no idea if any of my assumptions of him knowing [email protected] on twitter but Aaron has gone A A ron (Google It) to might become the most interesting  twitter feud by a sports athlete to date.  Honestly, name one right now you can’t but if you read this like I did you will remember Rodgers argument with a @ShooterMcgavin.