The Battle Of Will Russell Westbrook & Rockets Win

(AP Photo/Eric Christian Smith)

When the last time you seen a player do as much for a team than Russell Westbrook in a season if it was just scoring maybe go back to Allen Iverson and yes Oscar Robertson.  That isn’t the case in OKC  Russell is everything and its showing in the playoff’s no one else on the team can create no one else can score and holes in defense if they can score like Cantor.  OKC is going against the high power offense that is the Rockets and even with leads as soon as Westbrook rests the Rockets led by Harden storm back.  As this game wore on the minutes and usage started to show on Russ as he tried to will a win as appose to Harden who has play makers all around and in the Mike D’antoni system scoring will happen.

So late in the game it showed no one else on this OKC stepped up its the playoffs where you find out who on your team will step up and help when needed and OKC just has Westbrook.  He’s never die attitude even when Rockets did a 10 point run late in the 4th with 49 sec drawing a foul behind the 3 to get his team within 6 points sadly he missed the next 2 three’s but if only he had another play maker and not another alpha like Durant.  Now, this isn’t taking away anything for Harden and the Rockets they just have more players to make plays.   Westbrook got his 47 triple double scoring 51 points 10 rebounds 13 assists 4 steals.  Harden 35 points 4 rebounds 4 assists 1 steal

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