Brady’s hand, much ado about nothing

American football player on the arena

Alright, enough already. Can we please stop the panic over Tom Brady’s stupid hand.

The throwing hand of Tom Brady has been the subject of major media outlets over the past couple of days. The future hall of famer was held out of practice recently with what was only being described as a hand injury by the super secretive organization.

Then everyone really lost their minds when the golden boy was officially listed as questionable yesterday for tomorrow’s AFC title game. People were selling off all their possessions and making their final preparations, or so it seemed with the all the panic and hyperventilating that was going on.

But of course, we found that the master of mind games, Bill Belichick was at it again with trolling anyone and everyone who would pay attention to his scheme. It has recently been announced that Brady’s “hand injury” was nothing more than a cut on his hand that required a few stitches. Certainly nothing serious enough to warrant the panic that had set in over the past couple of days.

So don’t worry Patriots fans, the sky is not falling and Tom Terrific will almost certainly come out and be his usual self and most likely lead the Pats to their 8th Super Bowl appearance.



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