Cerebral Palsy Won’t Stop Nolan Ryan’s Grandson

(AP Photo/Mike Groll)

When I read this story I thought immediately inspirational and how this will inspire others.  As a father if  I had a child with any disability I would show him video’s like this of the grandson of a MLB great “The Ryan Express” Nolar Ryan.   Just the pressure alone in being his grandson to play baseball and to have this brain injury that doesn’t allow his right side work as well as his left and to see him not hold back in life is uplifting.  This high school student going through the hormones of a teenager and dealing with the awkward stares and possibly that one kid who has made fun of him.

Looks past all of that and I’m sure looking at videos, posters, baseball cards, etc of his grandfather than look at his right side and wonder, but that didn’t hold him back to at least try.  So many people not having to be children hold themselves back from trying things over doubt and they’re perfectly fine.  Than, these stories happen that inspire you to try a little bit harder, to not quit on yourself so easy, and in my case as a father to show my son to not hold himself back.  To overcome that self doubt and try even if you fail you gain other things in this case strength.  I salute you Jackson Ryan of Second Baptist High School and continue to enjoy life making the most of it and challenging yourself maybe you can be the next legend like Jim Abbott.  My favorite quote from this story is

“I think of myself as a normal person and do the best I can to my abilities,”  Jackson Said. “I have a couple of disadvantages, but there nothing I can do about it.  I have to go with it.”


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