Dwyane Wade knows one thing for sure about his future

With all of the speculation surrounding LeBron James’ next decision, it’s easy to forget that Dwyane Wade has one of his own coming up. But his is a little different.

The 15 year vet is considering retirement for the first time in his hall of fame career. When asked yesterday about what the future may hold, Wade made one thing very clear. If he is going to play again next year, it is going to be in Miami.

Wade said, “For me, at this point, I would love to, you know if I decide to come back and play the game of basketball, I would love for it obviously to be in Miami.” “It’s crazy because in this league you never know what happens. I never even thought I would leave Miami. I thought I would be here forever. But things happen. So, at this point for me, sitting here, contemplating on playing the game of basketball, my only vision as I sit here today is playing in a Miami Heat uniform.”

This is great news for Heat fans with Wade being one of the cornerstones in Miami sports history. It could also be an indicator that might sway LeBron to really consider a return to South Beach. Given the fact that he said in his postgame finals press conference that he truly missed playing with Wade and he really thought that he could have helped them down the stretch.

The Wade domino is just one of the pieces that we are waiting to see fall. What kind of ripple effect it will cause remains to be seen. Man, this all feels really familiar, doesn’t it?




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