Jazz Center Rudy Gobert still not happy with Dion Waiters

We are four days removed from the Heats’ game at Utah, but Rudy Gobert has not forgot what he considered to be a dirty play by Dion Waiters.

During that game, Waiters went diving for a loose ball and in the process went sliding into the 7’1″ Center sending his knee buckling. Gobert has been accusing Waiters of playing dirty, but Dion posted a video of the play and asked the viewers to decide for themselves while also saying he was diving for the ball.

Waiters went onto say that Gobert shouldn’t have his feelings hurt, while Gobert has come out and said it has nothing to do with his feelings, but rather his knee being hurt. The rehab time for the big man is said to be 4-6 weeks with what is being called a bruised right Tibia.

In the end though, it is definitely more than just a hurt knee that is bothering Gobert, and the bad blood between these two may not end anytime soon.

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