Malcolm Butler Addresses Super Bowl Benching

(AP Photo/Steven Senne)

One day after the devastating Super Bowl LII loss New England Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler spoke to ESPN about his team, saying “They gave up on me. It is what it is.”

But is that all there is?

Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick has not spoken out in great detail about why he chose to bench Butler but defended his decision on Sunday by saying “We put the players and game plan out there that we thought would be the best like we always do.”

Monday morning, at a final press conference with the media Belichick again defended his decision but still kept it broad by saying,

“I respect Malcolm’s competitiveness, and I’m sure that he felt like he could have helped, and I’m sure other players felt the same way. In the end, we have to make the decisions that we feel are best for the football team, and that’s what we did, that’s what I did.”

Tuesday, the second day following the Patriots Super Bowl LII defeat and speculation into those broad disciplinary issues are only gaining more attention.

Former teammate, Brandon Browner took to social media to defend Butler revealing the Patriots cornerstone defensive player was benched due to team violations involving marijuana and women.


He added that the Patriots is a team who give players “second chances” but only to those who are “favorites” of Belichick.

This story will be updated once more information is available.

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