Marlins and Jeter finish off their purge

***POOL PHOTO*** Former New York Yankee Derek Jeter (AP Photo/Elsa Garrison, Pool)

Christian Yelich was the final piece of money that the Marlins and Jeter wanted to move out of town. Mission Accomplished.

Yelich was officially traded to the Brewers last night and left Jeter with a clean slate going into spring training. Although to be fair, the Hitman isn’t entirely at fault here. Yelich himself wanted out after what he saw this team was becoming. So I guess both parties got what they wanted in the end.

Jeter finally has his roster where he wanted it, which is completely empty, and Yelich got to leave an organization that will be mired in quicksand for whoever knows how long. This management group has brought the Marlins to Purgatory. They are going to lose over 100 games next season with no sign of that changing in the near future.

But hey, at least project “Wolverine” was a success. So that’s really all that matters here right?



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