As the disrespected underdog, the Hurricanes are back right where they want to be

08 October 2016: University of Miami mascot leads the team unto the field before the game against Florida State University in FSU's 20-19 victory at Hard Rock Stadium, Miami, Florida.

It’s a role the Miami Hurricanes have found them selves in all too often this season. The underdog, feeling disrespected and doubted.

But, quite frankly, it’s right where they want to be.

Let’s think back for a second, going into their three biggest games of the season, at FSU, versus Virginia Tech, and versus Notre Dame, Miami was expected to fall short and lose to “superior” opponents.

The Canes came into those games as the so-called challenger, a chip on their shoulder and something to prove. They felt disrespected by all the doubters surrounding them and they used it as jet fuel to propel them to each of those victories. They had an us against the world mentality and it worked like a charm.

Then Pittsburgh happened, the final game of the season, riding a 15 game win streak and coming into Heinz field as an 11-point favorite. The Panthers played the role of the disrespected underdog that day and Miami didn’t know how to respond. Now as we stand just two days away from their first ever ACC title game and a second chance at making the college football playoff, Miami finds them selves right back where they like it. Underrated, under estimated, and a 9 point underdog against the top ranked Tigers.

And most of all, disrespected once again. Let’s face it though, this Canes team, they wouldn’t have it any other way.



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