Miami vs UNC, Now vs Then

The Miami Hurricanes will have a chance to go 7-0 for the first time since the 2013 season when they face off against North Carolina this Saturday afternoon.

Looking back on that season as compared to today, the circumstances are much different. Back then, head coach Al Golden had the Canes at 7-0 heading into Florida St. Where they were soundly beaten and then proceeded to go on a 3 game losing streak. Miami went from #7 in the nation to unranked in that time span.

But this year, things feel different. Second year head coach, Mark Richt, has the team feeling like their old selves again. You can see the belief and swagger has started to return. The Canes have also already beat FSU this season, so that mental hurdle is out of the way.

If Miami can avoid the “trap game” and beat an under maned 1-7 Tar Heel team tomorrow afternoon, they will then have their destiny in their own hands. As opposed to 2013, they won’t be on the road after reaching 7-0, they’ll be coming home for 3 straight games that will decide the rest of their season and possibly beyond.

Unlike back then, it just feels different this time. It feels like this team has the mind set to win and avoid the trap. The leadership is there, the talent is there, and after the last few weeks, it seems like the mystique is there too.

The table is set for this team to do something special. And this time, it looks like they are ready to finish the meal. Starting with the appetizer tomorrow afternoon in Chapel Hill. Kick off is at high noon.

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