Mothers Of Babies In Intensive Care Get Flowers From J.R. Smith

(AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

If you didn’t know J.R. Smith is no stranger to having a child in neonatal intensive care unit or NICU for short back in January his daughter Dakota was born 5 months premature.  When Mother’s Day rolled around J.R. told his wife Shirley Smith of the idea he was thinking which she detailed in her blog.

My husband came up with the brilliant idea of getting all of the mothers in the NICU flowers today so we did just that. When the flowers arrived I pushed the cart and Demi placed an arrangement of flowers in every room…it was super special and we both enjoyed it. When Jr got there it was nap time for Kota Bear so she laid in her favorite spot (on her dads chest) and they both were out like a light. The joy in just watching them sleep was more than enough for me.. always remember that less is better and the best things in life are free! Have a blessed one.”

Now if you’re wondering about his daughter Dakota she is still receiving care at the Cleveland Clinic and is 6 pounds

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