NFL gives Super Bowl match-up “on accident”

Super Bowl tickets through the years line the wall at the opening of "NFL Experience" in Times Square, New York, Thursday, Nov. 30, 2017. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

Once again the NFL put their foot in their mouth, this time via Facebook.

They posting on their verified NFL Facebook page was this image:

The only problem is…the fact that these two teams need to play their opponents in the AFC and NFC Title games. Their opponents are also the leagues best defensive and rushing offenses in the league.

The NFL said that this post was a pre-planned promo with different possible Super Bowl LII match-ups but this one was posted mistakenly early.

The bigger issue is all the Jacksonville and Philadelphia fans who end up watching their team lose will cause major rigging and conspiracy issues.
What case can you make if the Super Bowl features these two “destined teams”?
The NFL is already under scrutiny for the protests, lack of consistent suspension protocol and catch or no catch rules, plus hitting penalties.
What mistake will be next for the NFL?

Also if you google search Minnesota Vikings or New England Patriots it pulls up an appearance in this years Super Bowl, but not for the Philadelphia Eagles and Jacksonville Jaguars.



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