Does the NFL’s Rooney Rule work?

It has been a rule that was adopted to help increase the hiring of minority candidates. It’s the Rooney Rule, and it may be time to try and think of something different.

Since it’s implementation, the Rooney rule has helped minority candidates get more interviews for head coaching jobs and other openings within an organization. But the fact is, some, if not most of the candidates that come in have said in the past that they feel like they are just being used as a token interview.

This issue has come up again, as it does every year, because the Raiders hired Jon Gruden without seemingly interviewing any other candidates for the head coaching job. They knew who they wanted and they went and got him.

Which is what most teams do. They have their eye on someone in particular and may just bring in one or two minorities to fill their obligation as to not get fined.

With that in mind, it seems like this rule has become self defeating. And a once noble idea may be an outdated one. It might be time for the NFL to find a different solution to this old issue.



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