Nick Saban to the Giants? Bruce Arians seems to think so

(AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

It seems that every January two names in particular come up for head coaching jobs in the NFL. Jon Gruden and Nick Saban. Well, this time around the Gruden rumors actually came through, which means there is one man left standing.

For Nick Saban, leaving Alabama would mean walking out on a 11 million dollar salary through 2025. It would also mean walking away from a dynasty that continues to pump out top 5 recruiting classes year after year.

But according to the now former Arizona Cardinals head coach, Bruce Arians, he wouldn’t be surprised if Saban made the jump. Arians stated on the Colin Cowherd show that there is only one job Saban would want in the NFL, and that job would be the Giants.

As of now though, there are no official reports pointing to Saban leaving the Tide for the big apple. And furthermore, reports are now emerging that the Giants have pegged Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia to be their next head coach.

So it remains to be seen what Tricky Nicky has up his sleeve. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time he jumped ship.



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