The Raiders might be in trouble for hiring Jon Gruden

The Oakland Raiders may have just got them selves into some trouble with the league.

After the hiring of Jon Gruden to a 10 year deal, the Raiders and their fans could not have been more excited to get their old ball coach back. Jon Gruden is the Raiders, his persona and personality fits perfectly within that organization. But the only problem is they may have been a bit too overzealous in their hiring.

The Fritz Pollard Alliance is urging the NFL to investigate the Raiders hiring of Gruden, accusing them of breaking the “Rooney Rule” which says every team must interview a minority candidate before making a hire.

It sure seems as if the Raiders just went after Gruden and that was it right? Well that’s the way it seems to the Pollard Alliance as well, and they are calling them out on it. Whether or not the league actually does something about it remains to be seen.

This situation also begs the question though, is the Rooney Rule even working anymore? Did it ever? There have been many other complaints in the past in different situations where minority candidates felt they were being interviewed just as a formality to fulfill this rule. All the while, the teams almost always knew who they were going to hire anyway.

So in reality, this current situation is just a microcosm of a long standing issue in the NFL.



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