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CFB Playoff Rankings, See Where Miami Landed

    The first college football playoff rankings were released last night. There are a couple of surprises to get to here, including the spot the Hurricanes landed in.

    First off, everyone thought Alabama was an obvious number 1, everyone except the playoff committee anyway. They gave that number 1 spot to Georgia, while the Crimson Tide came in at number 2. You can definitely make a case for Georgia to be number 1 thus far, they have been very impressive this season against good competition. But in my opinion, there is not enough reason to remove Alabama as the number 1 team, where they have been all season long in the AP and coaches poll.

    The other thing that made no sense to me is the lack of love for the undefeated teams. 1 loss Notre Dame and 1 loss Clemson rounded out the top 4. If you want to argue it, I can at least understand why Notre Dame landed where they are. Their one loss was to Georgia back in September by one point. They have been dominant against good competition since then. But Clemson lost to Syracuse. They should not be number 4. plain and simple. Oklahoma and Ohio St. came in at 5 and 6, which starts a trend of one loss teams being ranked ahead of undefeated’s.

    Penn St. and TCU landed at 7 and 8, which means not till you hit 9 and 10 do you find undefeated Wisconsin and undefeated Miami. And that’s where the Canes landed, right at number 10. 7-0 on the season and no respect. The excuse here is the strength of schedule and how they have played against it. Which to be fair, has been less than dominant. Their opponent this Saturday night, Virginia Tech, came in at 13.

    The fact remains though, no matter what the standings say, if Miami wins out against Vtech, #3  Notre Dame and then eventually the ACC title game, they will be hard pressed to be left out of the playoff picture at that point.

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