Tony Romo Expects to be Released from Cowboys

We all knew that QB Tony Romo’s days were numbered and though the Cowboys have not made an official announcement on what they plan to do with Romo this offseason, the veteran QB says he believes the Cowboys will most likely release him from the team instead of seeking a trade and he has a point.

If Dallas decided to keep Romo it would mean $24.7 million against their cap for a QB that only played six times in 2016, but trading Romo would be a difficult task especially with the other teams knowing that Dallas can not afford to keep Romo on with a defense that needs a boost.

Regardless of what the team decides to do, Romo says he still believes he has two or three more seasons left in him as QB and intends to keep playing.

Hall of Famer Michael Irvin says he still believes Romo still has more left in the tank and advised any team who picks Romo up, to use him wisely to get his best.

“Whatever team takes Tony, let me tell you my two cents: Be smart enough to take him in his offense, because you’re paying for him for his shoulders up. You’re not giving up what you’re going to give up for him for shoulders down because you know the body is not what it used to be.

“Don’t just take the man, take this offense with him so you can get the best part of the man. Tony knows the ins and outs of this offense. Jerry [Jones] has already said he thinks Tony will be a great offensive coordinator or head coach one day because he knows the offense.”


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