Video: Woman Punched in Face by Miami Police Officer at UM Game

(Miami-Dade Police Department via AP)

Investigators in Miami are currently investigating a viral video showing a Miami police officer punching a woman in the face after she slapped him.

The incident occurred Saturday afternoon during the Miami Hurricanes win over Virginia Tech at the Hardrock stadium.

According to the report, authorities we called into the seats to break up an argument between a woman and several fans and when they got to the section they encountered 30-year-old Bridget Freitas who continued to argue with other fans while “using profanity in a loud, boisterous manner.”  The responding officers attempted to calm the nursing student down and asked her to move to the concourse, however, Freitas reportedly refused and sat on the steps instead.

At that point, authorities forcefully removed her from the area by carrying her on their shoulders. Freitas then slapped one of the officers who then punches her in the head.

The Miami-Dade Police Department has since released a statement regarding the incident.

Officials at The University of Miami who often hire off duty officers in uniform to assist to the game said they are also gathering information about the incident.

Freitas, has been charged with felony battery on a police officer and misdemeanor disorderly conduct.


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