Yawn: Georgia vs. Alabama

After a Rose Bowl that is arguably the best of all time, and a Sugar Bowl that was a bit boring we now have Alabama vs. Georgia for the College Football Championship game.  For SEC guy, this is the game you were hoping for.  It will allow you to continue to brag about how much better your conference is than the rest of the conferences.  However, will anyone outside of SEC guy care?  Not as much as they would have normally.

The rest of the country needed the Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield to go against that Alabama defense that made Clemson look really bad.  Georgia’s running game does not match-up well against Alabama.  The story lines leading up to this game will have very little interest.  Yet, there SEC guy will be chanting those 3 letters over and over again making you want to watch less and less.

Oklahoma’s offense and passing game would be far more appealing to the casual fan, or fan of the other conferences for that matter.  Now, no matter what happens, the SEC wins.  Likely though, it will be Bama in a blowout.



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