1-year-old dies after father leaves her in burning car while fleeing from police

Officials in South Carolina are reporting that a 1-year-old girl has died after her father abandoned her in a burning vehicle while fleeing from police.

The incident occurred Friday in Spartanburg.

According to the report, authorities attempted to conduct a traffic stop on 26-year-old Imhotep Osiris Norman who was allegedly speeding at the time. Instead of pulling over Norman attempted to out run police.

During the police chase, authorities reported that they noticed the vehicle Norman was driving started to spark and smoke. Norman then threw a bag out the window of the vehicle before exiting the vehicle as it was rolling to a stop.

As Norman attempted to out run authorities on foot, the vehicle he was driving suddenly burst into flames.

When the flames were extinguished, investigators then found the body 1-year-old Xena Rah’Lah Norman in the car’s back seat.

Norman told authorities that he was unaware the the vehicle caught fire.

He has since been arrested for homicide by child abuse.