$10,000 in Scholarships Available to Aid Local In-Need Students Get into Dream Colleges

In South Florida specifically the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area more than 60 local students can now get free help with SAT/ACT Prep thanks to the local business MindWorks Prep.

The scholarships are available to students from low-income families who might not otherwise be able to afford the crucial preparation for the most important test needed to get into college.

According to studies, students from low-income families score significantly lower on the SAT/ACT, limiting their chances to get into a quality college.

The College Board now “agrees” that taking an SAT prep course can increase a test takers score, in some cases by as much as 200 points.

Andrea Catsicas who is the owner of MindWorks Prep based in Coral Springs  (www.mindworksprep.com), is offering the $10,000 in scholarships because she “believes in education, SAT/ACT Prep and that the promise of a bright future should be available to all.”

Local students currently on free or reduced lunch can apply for the scholarships to her upcoming Bootcamp SAT Prep Courses:


 Nova Southeastern University

August 12th 

University of Miami, Alumni Center

September 9th

9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Regular Cost: $165

Website: http://www.mindworksprep.com/sat-scholarships.html

 NOTE: Local students can apply for scholarships on website

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