Air Allen

Waking up Monday morning as a Buffalo Bills fan was akin to how it must feel to win the lottery. Not at all expected and even somewhat humorous at the fact it’s actually happening.

That’s how I felt this past football Sunday as I watched my boys hammer down hard on the Minnesota Vikings.  In fact, I don’t think I stopped laughing the entire first half. I was in shock and disbelief but also cracking up at how unreal the whole game seemed.

No one picked the Buffalo Bills to win. I didn’t even pick them to win (as ashamed as I am to admit that). I had just five dollars in a pool betting on the morning and afternoon games and I circled the Vikings on my entry. The Bills losing was such a sure thing I didn’t even want to waste a mere percentage of five dollars on what I thought was a guaranteed defeat.

Sunday started out rough. I just bought a new Bills tank top- proclaiming Josh Allen and LeSean McCoy as the duo to save Buffalo football. I kid y’all not, not even five minutes after putting the tank on, my phone buzzes with fantasy updates officially declaring Shady inactive against Minnesota.

Well great, not only are we going to get beat but it’s going to be BAD, I thought. And now I’m going to look stupid wearing this. However, in a true Bills fan fashion, I kept the tank on and mentally prepared for the impending doom I was about to witness.

That’s when it happened- we didn’t suck! Minnesota fumbles twice, Allen dives head first into the pylon, and then he literally jumps over a Minnesota defender, like that scene from a food chain documentary we all saw in elementary school, describing the circle of life with a gazelle being chased by a lion in the jungle. Seriously- the game photos of that play are unreal.

We’re barely into the second quarter and I’m sitting there thinking this can’t be real life. Somebody pinch me and wake me up from this sick joke orchestrated by the football gods. I kept watching and then slowly realized this wasn’t a joke and my team was actually winning a game.

I don’t think I caught my breath the whole game and I could already foresee Monday’s headlines. “Bills Blow a 20+ Point Lead” was definitely what I expected after thinking we can’t be this good at football right now. But we killed it and we won the game… without one of our best players.

Josh Allen is now King of Buffalo and the Bills Mafia finally has some bragging rights. While I’d of course like to keep winning games, the victory and feeling I got from this past Sunday is enough to last me through the season. Allen is now my new phone background and I’m already picking out the names of our babies.

Josh Allen… call me.

Just living life and loving every moment. Just Jordyn.



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