Are any of these options better than Ryan Tannehill?

By Stephen Diener
You tend to have these types of discussions when you have a quarterback who can’t stay healthy at the helm of your extremely mediocre 5-6 team.
After Sunday’s back breaking loss to the Colts, the cries have only gotten louder to rid this franchise of all it’s ailments, which include, but are not nearly limited to, the average quarterback play of Ryan Tannehill. But, the question is, who should or would they get to replace him?
With that question in mind, here’s a few names to think about moving forward. And no, Brock Osweiler and David Fales WILL NOT be included on this list.
I’ll start off with a couple of back up quarterbacks who have starting experience. Namely, Teddy Bridgewater and Nick Foles. Bridgewater is interesting because he is a guy the Dolphins were considering before he signed with the Saints when the regular season was beginning. He also looked great playing in the preseason for the Jets, but New York had just drafted Darnold and were not about to bench him for his rookie season.
Don’t forget that Bridgewater was one of the best young QB’s in the league before tearing his knee apart. If that preseason with the Jets coupled with the Saints belief that he was healthy enough to be on their roster was any indication, than I think this is a guy Miami could steal away from New Orleans if they are smart. Foles would be the lesser of the two here, even though he was last years Super Bowl MVP, Bridgewater is younger and has much more upside.
Another name to ponder is Derek Carr. It is also a slightly more complicated situation than the two names I mentioned above. Reasons being, he is still owed around $20 million next season and Miami would likely have to give up at least a first round pick to pry him away from ol’ Chucky. I wouldn’t put it past Gruden to trade him though, considering the moves he has already made with that team, the Dolphins might be able to get in on the fire sale while the picking is ripe.
The upside here though with Carr is that if he can get back to the form he was at a couple of years ago when the Raiders were one of the best teams in the league, he could end up being the answer for the Phins longterm. That is, if he can also stay healthy. After all, he is still only 27. Could this end up being another Drew Brees situation?
Just a quick note, I have purposefully left out names like Jamies Winston, Blake Bortles, Sam Bradford, and Ryan Fitzpatrick because, well frankly, this is about who could be a better option than Tannehill, and those guys simply are not better options. They are actually the exact opposite, they are terrible, awful, nauseating to think about options.
That being said, the final viable option here could be to go the old fashioned way and build through the draft. It is already being said that Miami is favoring Oregon QB, Justin Herbert. They could also take a look at Drew Lock from Missouri and Will Grier from West Virginia. They would most likely have to move up in the draft to get one of those first two guys. And we know how often the Dolphins have moved up in the draft to make a good pick…
The fact of the matter is right now, Ryan Tannehill is still the quarterback of this team and has 5 games left to prove whether or not he deserves to be in that position come 2019.