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Broward Man Attacks Trash Picker with Sword

They say that ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’, but in Oakland Park, one guy took it a little too far after pulling a sword on another man. BSO officers are looking for the man who attacked a jogger with a sword over a trash cart. Surveillance video shows the altercation between the Oakland […]

Dastardly Doggie Deeds in PBC, One Died Pink and Green, Another Stolen

An eight week-old black lab mix puppy was stolen from the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League’s adoption center last week. The theft was spotted on surveillance cameras, as a man and a woman broke a lock at the facility to gain entrance. Rich Anderson, Executive Director and CEO of the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League, […]

Officer fired in the 2014 chokehold death of unarmed arrestee

The New York Police Department has made the decision to fire the officer who is accused of fatally putting Eric Garner in a chokehold in 2014, while attempting to arrest him. Police Commissioner James O’Neill announced the firing Officer Daniel Pantaleo Monday, based on a recent recommendation of a department disciplinary judge. According to the […]

Mother and grandmother arrested after days-old infant found covered in ants

Two women with outstanding warrants have added new charges to their list after they were found to be driving around town with a 16-day old infant on the floor of their car. The incident occurred in London, Kentucky Thursday. Officials say both 32-year-old Rebeca Jean Fultz and her mother, 69-year-old Charolotte J. Simpson were pulled […]

1 person injured after active shooter reported in Indian River County

The Indian River Sheriffs Department is reporting that they have arrested a man who was reportedly walking down a street with a shot gun and shooting at random cars. The incident was reported Friday near 3800 block of 44th Street in Gifford. Officials say they received a call about a driver who was shot in […]

Nightmare Black Vultures Destroy WPB Vacation Home

(West Palm Beach, FL) — A Florida vacation home in the exclusive Ibis Golf and Country Club is nearly uninhabitable after being overtaken by dozens of federally protected black vultures. The owners, the Casimanos from New York, have moved their family back up north because the vultures have taken up residence at their $700-thousand West […]

The Stock Market Indicates No Recession on the Horizon

Stocks are opening sharply higher on Wall Street amid easing recession fears. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up about 300 points in early trading after President Trump’s positive comments on the economy and trade talks with China. The Nasdaq and S&P 500 are also higher after the opening bell. President Trump is not worried […]

Man arrested after setting woman’s house on fire after argument

The Port St. Lucie Police Department has arrested a 30-year-old man who reportedly set a woman’s house on fire after they got into a dispute at another location. The incident occurred Saturday at a home on the 400 Block of SW Crawfish Drive in PSL. Authorities say Richard Caldwell and the woman were at a […]

Holy Lightning Balls! What the Heck?

It seems lightning is getting worse…more deadly and more common. Golfer Phil Mickelson’s hotel was hit by lightning in Illinois knocking off the chimney and starting a fire. And severe weather shut down last night’s Backstreet Boys concert in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Recently five workers in Wellington were blown off a roof by a bolt of […]

Couple arrested after faking baby’s birth and death for money

A Pennsylvanian couple is now behind bars after they allegedly faked a pregnancy, the baby’s birth, and the baby’s death in order to scam their friends and others out of money and gifts. Officials say the couple Kaycee and Geoffrey Lang of Somerset, were arrested after one of their friends contacted authorities about the couple’s […]