The Coach Kokell Show

The Midterm Exam

Kokell and EL discuss the staying power of the Alliance Of The American Football League, 7 on 7 celebrations, Antonio Brown’s trade demands and more in the Coach Kokell Show‘s Midterm Exam. Follow Kokell on Twitter @RealCoachK. LISTEN: 

Hunting For A Second Chance

Now that the Browns have signed Kareem Hunt, Kokell and EL discuss whether the former Chiefs running back deserves a second chance after being released when he was caught on camera striking and kicking a woman. Follow Kokell on Twitter @RealCoachK. LISTEN: 

Does Size Matter?

Now that Heisman trophy winner Kyler Murray has chosen to play football over baseball, where will he get drafted. If drafted in the first round of this year’s NFL Draft, Murray would be the shortest QB in the modern era to be drafter that high. Kokell and EL discuss possible landing spots for the diminutive […]

EL's Weight Loss Challenge

EL tells Kokell that he can lose 20 lbs in two weeks. Kokell says there is no way he can or should lose that much weight so rapidly but alas  a weight loss challenge is born on The Coach Kokell Show.  Follow Kokell on Twitter @RealCoachK. LISTEN: