Children Orphaned After Mother Runs into Burning Home to Save Them

Authorities in Bakersville, California say a mother of 5 made the ultimate sacrifice to save her children from a fire Thursday night.

According to the report, 38-year-old Kristina Stratton was outside of her home with one of her children when their two-story home suddenly caught fire.

A family friend told reporters that Stratton, who had been widowed 4 years ago when her husband died of cancer, immediately ran into the burning home to save her children who were trapped on the second floor.

During her rescue attempt, one of the children reportedly woke up and realized that they were having difficulty breathing and they could not get downstairs because everything was on fire.

The children then worked together to break an upstairs window and were eventually able to escape the blaze. Their mother, however, was not so lucky.

Once firefighters arrived at the home, they found Stratton’s body during their rescue operation.

The five children lost their mother while the three youngest children have lost both their mother and their father.

The community has created a GoFundme page for the children in addition to collecting much-needed shoes, clothes, and other supplies.

Authorities are still investigating the cause of the fire.