D-Wade officially signs with Miami Heat for #ONELASTDANCE before retirement

Sunday, basketball star Dwayne Wade announced via Youtube that he would play one last season with the Miami Heat before he retires.

In an emotional video, Wade discusses his 31-year basketball career, his family, and his journey before the world knew him.

Wade also thanked his fans for all of the support throughout the years before going into detail about a loss that forever changed his life and his decision.

“This decision is bigger than the game of basketball, it has nothing to do with the talent I have in my body,” said Wade.

“Yeah I’m not as quick as I use to be and yeah I don’t jump as high as I use to, but it’s things in this game that I have that I could write a book on that I could still accomplish with the right organization and coach.”

Wade concludes the video by asking his fans to join him for “One Last Dance” before his retirement adding that he’s given everything he has to the game of basketball and will give everything he has left for one last season.

Tuesday, the Miami Heat confirmed via Twitter that Wade is officially a part of the team after signing a one-year contract.




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