Derek Jeter being a little too sensitive here?

Derek Jeter is known for a lot of things, but being too sensitive is not really one of them. He played his entire career in New York, so you know he should have some pretty thick skin.

At least that’s what you would think. In an interview scheduled to air Tuesday night on HBO, Bryant Gumbel challenged Derek Jeter repeatedly about his approach to the team and his new role as Marlins owner.

Jeter got a little ticked off when Gumbel continued to press him on his handling of a few certain situations, including his claim that Jeter’s decision to attend a Dolphins-Patriots Monday night football game in December instead of baseball’s winter meetings was a mistake.

Gumble said in his questioning, “you are, or were, in the process of getting rid of the best players on this team, and isn’t it your job, as the face of the franchise to be at those winter meetings and explain what’s going on? Isn’t that your responsibility?”Jeter responded by saying, “no, not necessarily. There’s more to a football game. It wasn’t just going to watch a football game. There were meetings that were taking place at a football game.”

Deflection much? The interview became more contentious from there, as Gumble and Jeter exchanged views on if the Marlins are tanking and if Jeter really believes that this team can contend with the way they are currently built.

Jeter, of course, said he believes that they can contend after being pressed by Gumble who told Jeter to “watch my lips” as he continued to ask the question. Jeter went as far as to call Gumble “mentally weak” at one point for thinking this team is built to tank.

From the transcripts, it seems as if Jeter really got offended here. But what does he expect? He is at the helm of what could end up being one of the worst teams in MLB history this season and their roster is currently constructed that way because of his decisions.

Another issue in Jeter’s mind could be the fact that he was used to being loved by the home crowd, now, that’s a little different these days. Wake up Jeter and realize the bed that you have made.



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