Derek Jeter's newest problem

Derek Jeter had 20 seasons in New York, 5 rings, and zero problems.
The same cannot be said for his short tenure so far in South Florida as Marlins CEO.
It has not been two years and Jeter keeps stepping into it.
The future hall of famer’s comments on Tuesday at a Marlins Park event hit New York tabloids pretty quickly.
“A lot of times people come and they don’t know who won or lost,” Jeter told reporters when talking about the new experiences at Marlins Park. “Sometimes they don’t even know who is playing…”
The camera from WPLG-Local 10 caught the moment, which went viral.
Whether or not you agree with the Yankees legend, now boss of the Marlins, his comments should not have been said in a public forum.
Jeter’s focus on Tuesday was showing off new food options that fans will be able to grab beginning opening day on March 28. That quickly turned.
There has been a lot of reaction to what Jeter said and not just in South Florida.
Tuesday’s soundbite has turned into a national story.