Dolphins, Giants, and Bills…Oh My!

With the 2018 NFL draft just about a month away, teams all over the country are making some bold moves to strengthen their rosters and secure the best picks from the incoming hopefuls. Some moves saddened and surprised me (like my boy Tyrod leaving Buffalo) and others were easier to accept.

After the New York Jets went 5-11 last season, the team needed to make some serious changes to improve their record. In the latest free agency news, the Jets agreed to terms with wide receiver Terrelle Pryor Sr. Now Pryor had a great season in 2016, but last year he declined a multi-year offer with the Cleveland Browns and opted to sign just a one-year contract with the Washington Redskins which ended in a way no football player ever wants. I’m excited to see Pryor redeem himself after his season-ending ankle injury last year and I think with the Jets he has a good chance, as long as he keeps his distance from Robby Anderson and his crazy life off the field.

How about my favorite pyromaniac bringing his talents down to the sunshine state? That’s right, Jason Pierre-Paul has been traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In eight seasons with the New York Giants, Pierre-Paul was a two-time Prow Bowl selection and helped the Giants pull off a victory in Super Bowl XLVI. He’s also well-known for the 2015 firework accident which caused him to lose a finger. He played through several injuries in 2017, so it’ll be exciting to see the defensive end shine with a restored d-line in Tampa Bay.

Living in South Florida, Miami Dolphins news is inescapable. The San Diego Chargers also had their mind set on Miami, signing corner Mike Pouncey to a two-year deal on Monday. Pouncey was released by the Dolphins for refusing to take a pay cut and now has a guaranteed $10 million with the Chargers. With three Pro Bowls in his history, Pouncey is hoped to strengthen the Chargers’ offensive line and should be an asset to the team as long as he keeps his comments to himself. As most remember, he was the subject of a bullying scandal last season with the Dolphins and will need to keep his attitude under control this year.

Last but not least, y’all know I have to take some time to discuss my beloved Buffalo Bills. The Bills agreed to a two-year deal with quarterback AJ McCarron after trading Tyrod Taylor to the Cleveland Browns for the 65th pick in the 2018 draft. The Bills also swapped first round picks with the Cincinnati Bengals for left tackle Cordy Glenn. Now sitting with the 12th AND the 22nd overall pick, my boys really need to step it up. There’s also rumors flying that the Bills could use these picks to their advantage and make deals to trade up for the 4th round pick, giving them the chance to select a franchise quarterback. Which, of course, we so desperately need, or we’ll be stuck to the likes of Nathan Peterman who had a less than stellar performance in 2017, throwing five interceptions in the first half of his career start against San Diego. Trust me, that was brutal. Most people I meet already feel sorry for me that I root for the only team to lose four consecutive Super Bowls (yeah, yeah like I haven’t heard that one before), but that game solidified the, as Wikipedia states, “factory of sadness” that is known as the Buffalo Bills. Google Wikipedia Updates on Nathan Peterman’s bio for some serious laughs. RIP Nathan Peterman.


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