Dolphins Shock The World!

The Miami Dolphins defeated the New England Patriots 34-33 in dramatic fashion with the last play in the game. Social Media has been calling the play as the “Drake Escape” and the “Miami Miracle” with one of the most memorable plays in Dolphins history.  It was a dream play with :06 seconds left on the clock and 69 yards away that nobody thought would become a reality.
If you remember the Chargers vs Dolphins game, then you will know what I am talking about. The Miami Dolphins pulled into the bag of tricks in 1981 with a hook and ladder play at the end of the first half in an AFC Divisional playoff game versus the San Diego Chargers. Don Strock to Duriel Harris to Tony Nathan. Well, it was 37 years later that a similar play shocked the NFL world. Ryan Tanehill to Kenny Stills to DeVante Parker to Kenyan Drake for 52 yards and the game winner with the double lateral.
The final play was called “Boise” because it was borrowed from the Boise State playbook. Surprisingly, Tannehill had a descent game finishing 14 of 19 with 265 yards and 3 TDs. Big win for the Dolphins and a great game for Kenny Stills and Kenyan Drake.