Have the Falcons become the team to beat in the NFC?

Young African American football player.

All season long, it seemed like it was a two team race in the NFC. The Eagles and Vikings had been jockeying for position while everyone else was just trying to keep up.

But things are always different once you get into the playoffs, experience at QB always plays a part. And at this point, the Falcons may have the upper hand in that category. Think of it this way, The Eagles host Atlanta this Saturday. Philly had been great all season, but that was when Carson Wentz was tearing it up. Now with Nick Foles at the helm, can the Eagles really be trusted?

The Falcons with Matt Ryan are more battle tested, especially considering what they went through last year in the Super Bowl. You know they want another crack at that haunting loss. And then if the Falcons beat the Eagles, they would face the winner of the Minnesota-New Orleans game.

Now if the Saints win, you could argue that Drew Bress would be the best QB remaining, but even he has a young untested team around him. And if the Vikings win, Atlanta would then be going against a team led by Case Keenum. As well as he has played this season, can we really expect Case Keenum to lead the Vikings past a veteran team like the Falcons?

It’s all something to consider. Quarterback play is usually the deciding factor at this point in the season. And the Falcons are on a mission, they also just happen to have one of the best veteran QB’s remaining.




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