False Gun Sighting Causes Tense Moments at Anti-Gun Rally in WPB

The mood turned tense at an anti-gun rally in West Palm Beach on Saturday afternoon, after a man seemed to pull out a gun from his vehicle.

Several people were attending the rally at the corner of Congress Avenue and Gun Club Road, near Trump International Golf Club, when a black car approached. Reporters with our news partner, CBS12, saw the driver pull out what looked like a long, black object that appeared to be a gun. That sent people running.

The driver later told CBS12 the object was actually a club for his steering wheel. He added that he showed the club after attendees at the rally attacked his car for when he gave the event a thumbs down.

According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, the man “made a gesture” to attendees. Someone at the rally returned to their car and chased the man, causing him to pull out the club. No one was injured, and PBSO adds that no charges will be filed.

The anti-gun rally was being held on behalf of Moltere Charles Jr. and Fredrick Rosemond, two teens who were killed last January at Lake Belvedere Estates Park in West Palm Beach.

An arrest in their deaths has not been made.

Anyone with information about that shooting is asked to call Crime Stoppers Palm Beach at (800) 458 TIPS (8477).