FAU: Football in Paradise

Over the weekend I experienced some very real heartbreak. My beloved Florida Atlantic Owls went down in flames in Norman, Oklahoma as they lost 63 to 14 against the Sooners.

Now I’m not saying I expected them to win, because I’m not that naïve of a C-USA college football fan.  But, I did have high hopes for my boys to put in some effort. I mean, we were down 42-0 at halftime, what is that about Lane?

We just couldn’t figure out how to tackle any player in a red jersey. In fact, while watching highlights of the game, there’s a play where the on-field referee takes out an Oklahoma player. Hey, at least someone could stop the Sooners, but a freaking ref? Are you kidding me FAU?

I even had college friends that flew to Oklahoma to witness this massacre. The morale surrounding FAU is so strong that their fan base hangs on during times like these and thank goodness looking ahead this season seems to be a lot brighter than Saturday was.

The Owls started their 2017-2018 season 0-2 and went on to dominate C-USA with an impressive 8-0 record. The team won 10 games in a row leading up to the Boca Raton Bowl where they defeated Akron in December 2017.

Head coach Lane Kiffin’s main goal is very simple- win the conference. And this Oklahoma game has no bearing on C-USA play so the Owls are still headed in the right direction. This game brought us national coverage albeit because we lost but still should be considered a feat for FAU’s continuing growth.

We were also able to push back in the second half of the game and at least score some points on the Sooners. During my work with FAU football in the early and mid-2000s, it felt like I was always standing on the field during the second half feeling defeated, like my boys had given up. I know the score didn’t reflect it but we were able to at least finish higher than we started and managed to not fizzle out.

That’s a win in my book.

As if watching the game wasn’t bad enough, the brilliant minds behind FAU’s administration managed to royally screw up the final game announcement. A mass text message was sent out by the Alumni Association claiming that the Owls beat the Sooners at their home turf. Which obviously was not the case.

A girl can dream I guess.

No matter what the remainder of the season brings, I will always bleed red and blue for my alma mater and continue to back the Lane-Train.


Just living life and loving every moment. Just Jordyn.



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