Here is how to fix the dreadful Pro Bowl

A football is seen on the field during Pro Bowl NFL football practice, Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018, in Kissimmee, Fla. (AP Photo/Gregory Payan)

Once again the bye week between the Conference Championship games and the Super Bowl is here.
That means the Pro Bowl gets to fill the spot of no football, because the NFL thinks if we don’t have football every week our minds might explode.
Also they put it between that break because they are afraid no one will actually watch this dreadful superstar filled game, I mean let’s be honest, they are right.

Compare the Pro Bowl to other leagues All-Star games and it is a complete drop-off.
Now the NBA All-Star is tacky but it’s fun because it’s either turning into a pickup game or a show boat of tricks and alley-oops.
NHL All-Star, which is on today, has improved and all though it is the least watched of the top 4 sports programs, their new All-Star Game format is a tournament, the best of the best from each of the four divisions face off, it is a bit more interesting.
The MLB has the best of all the All-Star games, and skills competition, it’s baseball and similar to basketball it is fun to watch as a recreational game. The MLB, like most leagues, the All-Star game is mid season, but the difference is that it has meaning to it. The league winner gets home-field advantage.

Back to football, when you think of all those other programs you think to yourself, yea Pro Bowl stinks.
There is no meaning to it. The guys you most likely wanted to see are not there because they are in the Super Bowl.
Football is too physical and guys just want to get the check and not get hurt. Sure you can say hockey is physical, which it is but the injuries compared to the NFL are minimal.

My personal opinion is I rather watch the skills competition than the Pro Bowl, but if the NFL wants to keep with the format of having a game full of stars.
As mentioned above these games are for recreation and also not to get hurt with exception of the MLB it has no meaning. How do we fix it? Here is how, non-padded old-school two-hand touch football.
Now before you stop reading here me out.
Thanksgiving day or even a family reunion how many of you play football? I would say most.
Now I’m sure those of you who play tackle or play two-hand touch.
Doing a non-padded tackle game for guys built like they are in the NFL will probably cause more injury.
Two-hand touch on the other hand (pun definitely intended) allows a little more cushion on the safety part of the game.

Just think about how much fun that would be.
Not only to actually see the faces of players you see 85% of the time covered by a helmet, but to see their faces when they are playing a pick-up game of two hand touch with their friends, who play in the NFL as well.

Like I said before, the most popular of superstar styled games are for recreation or fun and tacky.
No ever plays a pickup game of football in pads, and the Pro Bowl is just a professional pickup game.
So, make it safe, make it personable with the fans and make it fun.



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