Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees, What Does This Mean?

Miami Marlins' Giancarlo Stanton talks after winning the National League Hank Aaron Award at baseball's World Series Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2017, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Alex Gallardo)

At around 9am the biggest new for the Yankees dropped since signing Reggie Jackson in 1977.
The Miami Marlins and 2017 NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton had been traded to the Yankees for Starlin Castro and some veterans and prospects…but “not the good ones” as quoted by New York Post’s Joel Sherman.

This came only four months after former Yankees captain Derek Jeter became part owner, and the announcement of Aaron Boone taking over the manager position.

One of the biggest things is that Stanton’s contract had a no-trade clause which means he had to approve of being traded. He denied offers to play in San Francisco and St. Louis, both successful franchises of the last fifteen years, combined for eight World Series appearances and five titles. That means Stanton saw something in the Yankees that attracted him to the city of championships.

The Yankees broke way out out of their perimeter this past season, making it all the way to a Game 7 of the American League Championship Series, only to fall to the eventual World Series winners Houston Astros.
That is not a bad feature to accomplish especially with the low expectations given to them for the season.
Of course, you can’t help but answer the question of how? Without answering, Aaron Judge.
The 6’7 282 lb freak of nature emerged this year hitting 52 home runs and 114 RBIs drawing 127 walks and a slugging percentage of .627, while also winning the 2017 Home Run Derby, and that was with a slump in August/July/
You can’t exclude Gary Sanchez who was a part of that 2017 Home Run Derby with Stanton and Judge. Sanchez had hit 33 home runs in 2017 in 122 games.
Add Giancarlo Stanton.
Now you have three of the most feared hitters in the league on one team, the most hated team in baseball, the Yankees.

What’s Next?
Maybe the better question is “Who’s next?”
The Yankees did a very Yankees thing by getting the best in the league on their team, but still gaps. Starlin Castro was a solid second baseman. Third base is still an open spot with Todd Frazier in free agency and Chase Headley being old, well they’re both old but Frazier has good DH ability, since even older Matt Holliday will most likely not return. So, who will fill the gap?
Well we don’t know, but Manny Machado is open to leave Baltimore and has been talking about the Phillies, but maybe with Stanton going to New York it could attract these high end talents, kind of like the LeBron or Steph Curry effect in the NBA.

Who is starting and sitting in the outfield?!
Like I said previously, they will need a designated hitter spot.
Between Judge, Stanton, Brett Gardner, Aaron Hicks and Jacoby Ellsbury, any of those guy can fill in that spot(although we could see Ellsbury out of New York)
Either way any of these guys can hit and more importantly play the field, though I see Gardner going into the designated hitter spot due to his age. Stanton might move to center or left to not distract the young phenom Judge from having to learn the opposite field. I mean most people will say there is no difference in the outfield, but in the majors there is a difference.

When is the World Series parade and the statue of Derek Jeter being made?
You can bet on the Yankees making moves for a pitcher and another infielder.
You can bet on them making the playoffs and most likely winning the World Series.
With an acquisition this big, and what they did last year you can only expect nothing less than a trophy.
When that trophy is won, you can only thank one guy, Derek Jeter.
After bringing five World Series trophies to New York apparently he wanted to bring in more but from the luxury of South Beach.
Build the statue now.



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