Gleyber Torres set for infield and MLB manipulation

New York Yankees' Gleyber Torres during a spring training baseball workout Friday, Feb. 17, 2017, in Tampa, Fla. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Yankees general manager said they are prepared with keeping Gleyber Torresa in the infield.
He stated “If the market changes, we’re prepared to adjust,” Cashman said. “But right now, we’re still treading water. This is what we’ve got”.

Torres is coming off of Tommy John surgery, in his non-throwing arm, where most his time was spent in Tampa’s facility to monitor his progression.
Cashman does bring contradicting statements to the table saying the 21-year-old is physically ready to go but will be careful with his spring playing time. The infielder did not play fall ball in Venezuela due to the injury and Cashman later stated he is also full healthy.

So if he is fully healthy and ready to go , why is he being careful with Torres in spring?
Well you could say he is good GM by taking care of his players.
This is sports and especially in baseball once you are ready to go, you are getting your rear-end out there and playing.

He is another reason why we might see less of Torres.
It has to do with the number twelve.

No not Chase Headley who was traded away, more like 12 days.

Here is what I mean:
A baseball season is played over 183 days, a player needs 172 days in service time in the majors to claim a full season.
A player needs six years of service time accrued to qualify for free agency.
Let us do the math 183 minus 172 equals 11, add another day to be less than the 172 days, makes it 12 days.

What the (Bleep) does all this mean?!
Well the Yankees are trying to save money and win, after acquiring Giancarlo Stanton(along with a huge payroll) limits them in free agency acquisitions if they want to continue with their plan of cutting their payroll tax hit.
Sending him to MiLB for at least 12 days will extend him one more year under the Yankees organization.
The 21-year-old Gleyber Torres, and number 2 prospect in the MLB as a totality, keeping him for another year would significantly help the Yankees with money and value considering how well Torres plays this year.

Saving money on an infielder who can play all positions would lower the talks of signing  Manny Machado and probably raise the chances of signing a top pitcher like Yu Darvish.

No this is not illegal for the Yankees to do, but definitely manipulation. Is it bad? Nah, if he puts up numbers he will have a nice contract from the highest payroll system in the league, eventually.

Torres was signed in 2013 by the Cubs and was acquired by the Yankees in the trade of Aroldis Chapman.
He went from Double-A to Triple-A and then the Show last year before injuring his elbow from a front-slide at home.



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