Gruden back to the Raiders looks like it might be happening

Home is where the heart is. And apparently for Jon Gruden, that looks like Oakland.

For the past eight years, Gruden has been the color commentator on Monday Night Football. A role, he has excelled at. And quite frankly, may be the most loved color analyst since another former Raiders head coach, John Madden.

But it seems as if the old coaching itch is creeping back up on Gruden, who said earlier today that he hopes he is a candidate in Oakland’s new coaching search. The first time he has come out and publicly made it known that he wants to get back in the game.

For the Raiders, the move seems obvious after firing Jack Del Rio Sunday night. A week after giving him an extension, go figure. According to reports over the weekend, Oakland has been scrambling to make the necessary moves that they need to in order to make this reunion happen.

It seems like forever ago, so in case you forgot, Gruden was the head coach of the Raiders from 1998-2001 before he was traded, yes traded, to the Buccaneers where he won the Super Bowl in 2002. Gruden’s Oakland teams were championship contenders with names like Charles Woodson and Rich Gannon. Then in a playoff divisional match up in 2001, there was this guy named Tom Brady playing in his first year with the Patriots. The Raiders lost that game in the snow and the term “tuck rule” was born. Yes, it was that game. Jon Gruden hasn’t been back since.

Fast forward 17 years and 5 championships later for New England and it looks as if the ol’ coach is going to take another crack at it with his former team. If this actually does happen, which it seems like a matter of time at this point, then let’s all collectively pray to the football gods that the Raiders and Patriots will somehow meet in the playoffs again before Brady and Belichick retire.



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