Has soccer finally made its way to America?

For years Americans have watched mainly the World Cup in support for their country but afterward leagues like the MLS or ULS have gotten the short end of the stick.

America is filled with multiple cultures from different countries and for the most part countries heavily invested with the sport of soccer. In America though, it never came to be a big part of the culture, mainly due to some of the greatest sports being invented like Baseball, Basketball and Football. 

There are debates though that soccer could take over as one of the top dogs in sports. Football is having their issues with politics and concussions making parents think twice about signing their children up for early leagues due to significant brain damage.

Basketball is leaving fans with a sour taste in their mouth as the “Super Team” Era seemed to control who will win the NBA Finals. Lastly baseball has been argued as being a boring sport to fans as of late because of it slow pace and few teams gutting their rosters for lower level players.

So after seeing so much talk on Twitter and even between many sports radio programs I decided to go see a USL game in Indianapolis where the Indy Eleven played Atlanta United FC2. 

First off they play at Lucas Oil Stadium, where the Colts play, I can see they don’t get enough credit for being an amazing stadium.

In the heart of down town, the scene inside was just as busy. 

Many fans gathered of all ages with plenty of Indy Eleven gear, and even a few pets were geared up for the game.

The fans were not silent before and throughout the game and when the Eleven scored, it was just as loud as a football game, as the horns played and the drums banged with excitement and glory.

Attendance was an outstanding 10,034 and according to soccerstadiumdigest.com that was a bit below their average attendance.

Opening Night showed an outstanding record fans in attendance to support the home team. That opening night attendance was more than 12 NBA teams season average and more than 5 baseball teams. Of course, I did happen to see one of the most popular soccer teams in America in a city with no professional baseball team, but still 10,000 people aren’t just going to spend money on a soccer game if they didn’t enjoy the sport.

So certainly soccer is becoming a “thing” here in the states. 

Honestly I enjoyed the game and I can certainly see myself going to more games as we await the arrival of Miami’s new team in 2020 along with 4 more spread across America and possibly another 4 teams beyond 2020.

Who knows maybe in 15 years soccer will battle for top sport in America.



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