The Hate is back, and so is the U

Turnover chains, big wins, college gameday, winning streaks, and Swagger. The U came back this season with excitement not seen or felt since the days of national title contention 15 years ago.

Whether it was all of that, or the rocking of the crowd at Hard Rock stadium, Miami proved that they were back on the national scene in a big way. But maybe, the biggest piece of evidence you can point to this season was how people reacted after they lost.

Following their shocking loss at Pitt, the national media and fans alike took to social media to mock the Canes. Posting pictures of mocked up turnover chains, posting half of a “U” to make an “L” instead, among other things. Where were all these people when they were winning?

If the Canes beat Clemson Saturday night, then there will be no question as ACC champs and a very likely spot in the playoff. The haters will be quiet. But if they lose, They will all revel in delight in Miami’s misery once again. And why is that? Because they know what you and I both found out this season, the U is back, and you can tell that is true because the Hate is back as well.



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