Here's what the Dolphins have shown us so far this offseason

By Stephen Diener
The Browns trade for Odell Beckham Jr, the Raiders sign Antonio Brown, even the stinkin’ Jets scooped up Le’Veon Bell. There has been so much big news and huge movement throughout the NFL these past few days that it has almost been too hard to keep track of.
But one thing has remained the same, the Miami Dolphins have shown zero interest in being a part of any of these seismic shifts.
In fact, they have done the complete opposite thus far and shown us that they have no intention of building through free agency. That is of course if you exclude the two-year extension of lame-duck wide receiver, Devante Parker. They seemed pretty pleased with themselves on that one.
Now, to be fair, the Phins are doing exactly what Chris Grier and Stephen Ross said they were going to do this offseason…and that is absolutely nothing. They refused to bid on high priced free agents and instead have shifted their focus to seemingly building through the draft over the next few years.
Yes, this is not going to be a one-year rebuild effort by Miami. If they do it the right way, then it will take at least three years. That being said, to answer the question that I began with, what has Miami shown us this offseason?
Nothing. But for what it’s worth, at least they kept their word to that.