How college football is being impacted by Hurricane Florence

Mother nature wins again.

College football remains winless vs the Atlantic hurricane season as we will see canceled games for the third straight year.

From 2016-2018, Hurricanes Matthew, Harvey and Irma forced games not only here in Florida, but also in Texas, South Carolina and North Carolina to be moved, rescheduled or canceled altogether. And now Hurricane Florence can be added to that list of infamous storms.

The UCF-North Carolina, West Virginia-NC State, and East Carolina-Virginia Tech games were officially canceled yesterday, while Virginia moved its home game against Ohio to Vanderbilt to avoid the storm. UCF will miss an opportunity to play a Power 5 opponent again after having to cancel their game against Georgia Tech last season due to Hurricane Irma.

Of course, in the grand scheme of things, college football becomes pretty meaningless when you are talking about peoples well being and the possibility of lives being changed forever. But for UCF, this one has to hurt a little bit, even if it is only in the back of their minds.

This was a chance for them to get a quality win on their schedule going to play an ACC team in the Tar Heels. But, there is still no official decision yet on whether or not these games will be played at a later date. School officials said they planned to discuss potentially rescheduling the UCF game, but the Knights and Tar Heels do not share a bye week and it would be difficult for them to face off later in the year without making things very difficult for both teams. A la last year against Georgia Tech.

For the big three, UF, FSU, and UM, it seems as if their games will not be impacted this time around. All three have had games canceled or rescheduled in the past few years due to the previously mentioned storms. Miami plays at Toledo and FSU plays at Syracuse, both areas will not be adversely impacted by the storm.

But keep an eye on that UF game. The Gators have a home contest vs Colorado St with a 4 pm kickoff. This time yesterday, that game seemed like a no-brainer to be able to take place due to the track of Florence from the National Hurricane Center. But in classic unpredictable hurricane fashion, that track now has the storm on a more southern trajectory than previously expected, which means that northern FL could now be in store for heavy rain and tropical storm force winds.

Again, this is something that just occurred in the newest forecast track, so it will be very interesting to see if that game gets impacted at all. That being said, we hope that everyone in the path of this monster is able to stay safe. College football will return to that region soon enough and you want to be there to see it.




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