Jalen Rose slaps the hell out of Paul Pierce

Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade (3) signals as Boston Celtics forward Paul Pierce (34) reacts during the first quarter in Game 6 of the NBA basketball Eastern Conference finals, Thursday, June 7, 2012, in Boston. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)


Paul Pierce was nicknamed “The Truth” during his 19-season run in the NBA. Many can agree that he is easily a Hall of Famer. Many can also agree his takes on sports are far from the “The Truth” or reality.

On live television, Paul Pierce stated he was without a better player than DWYANE FREAKING WADE! Also claimed because social media wasn’t big back in his prime that he didn’t get the same amount of love like D-Wade does.

But it’s ok Heat fans, we didn’t even have to fight or argue because Jalen Rose gave Pierce a nice cold Truth Knuckle Sandwich”

Watch here: