Just Jordyn’s Football Friday

Have no fear, I’m here!

But really, it’s been a while since I’ve graced y’all with my football expertise so let’s get ready for Just Jordyn’s Football Friday for Week 10 of the NFL.

For those of you who missed it, the Pittsburgh Steelers absolutely destroyed the Carolina Panthers last night with a final score of 52 to 21. It was so painful to watch and it even became so bad that a Panther lineman fell asleep on the bench waiting for the blood bath to be over. I’m happy however, with Cam Newton and James Conner on my fantasy team, both racked up some early points for me.

This week I’m predicting the Bears to put up major points against the Detroit Lions, the Saints will improve to 8-1 with a win over the Cincinnati Bengals. Adding Dez Bryant will certainly help their roster and put a weapon in the end zone for Drew Brees. It will be a game to watch if he makes his debut in black and gold on Sunday.

The Falcons will pull out a win over the ever fleeting Cleveland Browns as Baker and his boys keep their win total at only two games. The Jaguars and Colts are tied for the same record but ultimately Andrew Luck is a week fresher and ready to give Indianapolis a home win. Kansas City will demolish the Arizona Cardinals and score some major points in this game. I’m predicting 30+ for the Chiefs.

It’s a battle of the rookie quarterbacks with the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets… except that neither one of them are playing. Sam Darnold has been ruled out for the Jets and Josh Allen is still nursing his elbow injury taking it day by day. I can’t see Buffalo playing him in this game and unfortunately it looks like the Interception King himself will be starting. Nathan Peterman is probably the worst quarterback the Bills have ever had and fans even started a GoFundMe page to pay for his retirement from the NFL. No matter what, I will never pick against my team and I’m hoping the Bills can improve to three wins.

The Buccaneers will put up against the Redskins who are still licking their wounds from last week’s defeat. The Patriots will win over the Titans, no surprise there. The Oakland Raiders are on the fast track to securing the number one overall pick in next year’s draft. They will most certainly be dominated by the LA Chargers.

Never bet against Aaron Rodgers and unfortunately the hometown Miami Dolphins will fall as his next victim. The Rams are going to be nasty and ready to put their only defeat in the past as soon as possible, although the Seahawks always play them pretty tough. I predict the Rams will yet again win and improve to 9-1.

We’ve got a divisional matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles for Sunday Night Football this week. The Cowboys still suck and will always suck in my book so the Eagles are taking this one. They’re also technically the better team and they’re playing at home which will help get the W.

Finally, we have a battle of two of the worst teams currently in the NFL with the Monday Night Football game between the New York Giants and the San Francisco 49ers. Eli is still old and I bet the Giants will hope to lose this game to secure a better spot in next year’s draft and finally get themselves a quarterback.

Just living life and loving every moment. Just Jordyn.



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