Just Jordyn’s Football (Thursday)

Yes I know its Thursday but I will be out of town tomorrow so this week we’re going to have a Thursday edition of Just Jordyn’s Football Friday.

The advantage to picking games today is the inclusion of Thursday Night Football with the Philadelphia Eagles visiting the New York Giants. The Giants have looked completely awful this year behind El Manning, who legitimately looks like a sickly cat barely hanging on to its ninth life. He’s too old and tired to win this one and OBJ can’t keep his mouth shut long enough to win a football game so I’m giving the win to the Eagles.

My Super Bowl bold prediction, the Pittsburgh Steelers, will pick up a win against the Bengals, having won 9 out of 10 of the last matchups between these two. The Cardinals will yet again fall under the struggles of Josh Rosen, Carolina will come out on top over the Washington Redskins, and the Jets will make it four straight losses for the Colts.

Mitchell Trubisky shocked football fans everywhere last week with a whopping six touchdown passes and I predict he will bulldoze right over the Miami Dolphins. They’re home in Miami but the Dolphins have been less than stellar after starting 3-0 this season and if blowing last Sunday’s 17-point lead is any indication of the future, the Dolphins are sure to drop another game this week.

Seattle will hand the Raiders another loss, this week however, it will be in London. Baker Mayfield and his Cleveland Browns will rally to pull out a victory against the Chargers, which is ironic considering this week’s matchup is a replay of the last win before the infamous Browns losing streak in 2016.

My Buffalo Bills united last Sunday to win last minute 13-12 over the Tennessee Titans and I predict this week they hang on again to triumph over the Houston Texans. Deshaun Watson is not 100%, suffering from a chest injury and Josh Allen, although seemingly overwhelmed as a rookie QB, is under the direction of Sean McDermott and will only get better as the games continue.

Fitzmagic is of course no more, and Jameis Winston is probably too concerned about the next groceries he wants to steal to be able to focus and win a game. The Falcons will dominate the Bucs, the LA Rams will continue to prove why they’re the second best team in the NFL and I predict they keep they’re undefeated record this Sunday with a win over the Denver Broncos.

Baltimore and Tennessee collectively scored just 21 points last Sunday and this game will be a snooze fest but the Titans will take it. There’s no doubt the Jags will absolutely destroy the disgrace of a NFL team better known as the Dallas Cowboys, and the Patriots will suffer another loss to the best team in the league right now, Kansas City.

The Chiefs are proving to be unstoppable and the competition between Brady and Mahomes will be something you don’t want to miss. This Sunday Night Football matchup is my must watch game this week.

Finally, it’s Monday Night Football and this one’s a no-brainer. The 49ers are terrible and will lose their fourth straight game to the Packers.

Just living life and loving every moment. Just Jordyn.



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