Kiko Alonsos Dirty Hit and The Dolphins Dirty L

The Dolphins played typical Miami football and did everything they should of done. The Dolphins focus was on the Pass last night when it should have been on the Run. This makes no sense seeing how the Ravens have one of the best pass defenses and one of the worst run defenses.  Matt Moore threw the ball 44 times vs Jay Ajayis 13 rushes. But the story of the night was Kiko Alonsos hit on Joe Flacco. The hit came in the 2nd quarter on a 3rd and 10 play. Flacco decided to attempt to run the ball for a 1st down and gave up on the play 2 yards away from the 1st by sliding. Alonso leveled the defenseless Flacco knocking his helmet right off. This caused a riot on the field as well as Coach Harbaugh yelling in Alonsos face. Flacco left the game leaving Ryan Mallet under center. The Dolphins lost the game 40-0 bringing the overall record to 4-3.



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