Lawmakers Reach a Deal on Border Funding, Will Trump Sign it?

Leaders of a House-Senate conference committee say Democrats and Republicans have reached an agreement “in principle” to provide funding for border security and avoid another government shutdown later this week. But, will Trump sign it?

The agreement announced yesterday includes less money for border security than President Trump has been demanding and so far he’s given no indication on whether he would sign off on it.

Reports say the deal includes over $1 billion for new barriers along the southern border. That would be enough to cover about 55-miles of the border with a barrier.

The money is far short of the nearly six-billion dollars President Trump hoped to get for a wall.

Under the agreement, Democrats would give up their demand to cap the number of people Immigration and Customs Enforcement can hold at a time.

However, the deal includes funding for a limited number of detention beds, just over 40-thousand.