Legendary Dwyer football coach, Jack Daniels, stepping down

Jack Daniels, who has been the head football coach at Dwyer high school for the past 23 seasons, has decided to step away from the program to focus on his family and teaching career. Daniels won multiple state titles during has time as head coach with the Panthers and will be sorely missed by the program.
Our own Chris Kokell sat down with the legendary Dwyer football coach before the season to get to know him a bit. Here is a piece of that interview as we send our congratulations to Daniels on an incredible career.
CK: When did you start coaching?
JD: 1991
CK: When did you know you wanted to be a coach?
JD: Never thought I did until I go my first teaching job.
CK: What do you know now that you wish you knew in year one?
JD: So many things but mostly schemes.
CK: Proudest moment as a coach?
JD: First and second state championships. Also, coaching my brother.
CK: Best team you ever had?
JD: 2009
CK: Best player you ever coached?
JD: Matt Elam and Jacoby Brissett
CK: All these games you have coach, what is one that has really stuck with you?
JD: Losing 77-14 to Venice in the 2000 state championship game. I think we are the reason for the running clock. Very painful.
CK: You’ve been doing it for a long time. How do you find the balance between coaching and family life?
JD: It’s hard to find a balance. Football takes up so much time and is year round. Luckily, I’ve got a GREAT wife.
CK: Have you ever thought about making the jump to the college game?
JD: Yes. I’ve had five or six chances but at the time I was married and had kids.
We appreciate everything you have done for the community Coach and wish you the best moving forward!