Major development in the Larry Nassar-Michigan St scandal, the NCAA knew

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Mark Emmert, the president of the NCAA came out yesterday and said that they would be investigating Michigan St for any wrongdoing involving any type of cover-up toward sexual assault cases. The only problem, who will be investigating the investigators?

It has recently been reported that not only did Mark Emmert and the NCAA know about the abuse going on at MSU, but apparently did nothing to resolve the issue going back as far as 2010. Emmert was informed by Kathy Redmond, the founder of the National Coalition Against Violent Athletes, six months after he took over the helm of the NCAA in November of 2010. They even had a 90-minute interview to discuss what she called blatant and admitted rape and sexual abuse committed by athletes on various students.

In all, 37 different reports were documented by Redmond who gave the information directly to Emmert himself. Now, with this new revelation, how can we trust anything the NCAA says or does. Not that we really could before anyway. The amazing thing about this timeline too is the fact that this information was given to Emmert a year before they started their investigation into the Penn St. sexual abuse scandal. So not only did they sit on this information for the past 8 years, but they swept under the rug in the midst of one of the biggest scandals in NCAA history.

It kinda seems like now though that this new scandal may be taking over that mantle if they can prove that Emmert had this information and did nothing to stop it. One word among many others, in particular, comes to mind here to describe Emmert and the NCAA. Hypocrite.



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