Exclusive NBA Legend Isiah Thomas (Audio)

Former Detroit Pistons guard Isiah Thomas waves to the crowd during halftime of an NBA basketball game between the Detroit Pistons and the Los Angeles Lakers, Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2017, in Auburn Hills, Mich. Thomas was honored at halftime as part of the team's ongoing celebration of its years at The Palace. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

By Jeff Fox:

It probably is not going to happen and i would lose my mind if it does. Lebron James joining the Golden State Warriors ? No way ? On Thursday, a story broke on ESPN, citing anonymous sources, saying James would consider meeting with the Golden State Warriors should the  champs create enough cap room.  James said he initially laughed at the report and then became upset because it questions what he is currently trying to accomplish with the Cavs,

Ya think ?   I hope Lebron is right and this is just some wild social media lie. After all , we have heard such ridiculousness before. Whether it is true or not it was certainly buzz worthy as fans imagined a super team with arguably the leagues best three players, James, Durant and Curry all on the same team. I think that would be horrible for the NBA and bad, really bad for basketball.

Not everyone agrees with me, including NBA Hall of Famer and all time great Isiah Thomas who joined The Jeff Fox Radio Show via 2LiveStewsRadio.com and said he does not think it would be a mistake, should the unimaginable happen and King James bolts to join his rivals in Golden State.

Lebron said he  understands there will always be speculation about his future, but any link to the Warriors is a “nonsense”.

Well i must say that i do hope it is nonsense because i believe Lebron would destroy his legacy by joining this particular team even at 33 years old. Sure father time is undefeated but James is still in my opinion the game’s best player and a move to Golden State would make him look softer than Charmin toilet tissue.  James has said he intends to play the rest of his career in Cleveland, but people are still talking and frankly playing a game of “Where will Lebron play next” ?  Kind of fun right ?

While on the Jeff Fox Show Isiah Thomas also talked about his very public reconciliation with longtime friend and rival Earvin “Magic” Johnson. Isiah added it was the  power of love for each other that ultimately brought the dear friends together again. It was a touching moment to listen to.

Johnson and Thomas’ relationship deteriorated starting in the late 1980s, when the Detroit Pistons and Los Angeles Lakers battled each other in back to back NBA Finals. In Game 3 of the ’88 Finals the two friends got into a brief skirmish, a year later the Pistons beat LA in ’89, their friendship seemed about over.

The two reunited in a special that aired recently on NBATV , and squashed whatever beef was lingering. It taught all of us including me a very valuable lesson on love.

More from Jeff Fox here: http://thesportsbros.com/nba-legend-isiah-thomas-sees-no-problem-lebron-warriors/



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